Home Security Systems


Home Security System protects your house from intruders and thieves. You can make it by security alarms and surveillance systems. Some of the home security systems are Burlar Alarm System (Includes PIR motion Sensor, Door Sencor, Siren, Auto dialer, Vibration Sensor and Gas leakage Sensor), Video Door Phone, Security Camera, and Automatic Lights on System.

Burglar alarm is used to alert you when an intruder enters into your house when you are not there.When an intruder enters into your house,it sounds massively and gives panic to the intruder. It also rings to your phone for your attention.

Video door phones are available in black / white and colour. Video door phones are used instead of Calling Bells. The outdoor unit of the video door phone contains a camera and a calling button. The indoor unit of the video door phone contains a monitor and speaker. So without opening the door