Access Control Systems


Access Control System is used to control the unwanted entry in your premises.It eliminates the unauthorized entries. It only allows authorized persons. Now a days, there are two major type in ACS, i.e., 1. Proximity Card Based Access Control System and 2.Biometric Based Access Control System.

Proximity Card ACS: The basic principle is, showing the card infront of the card reader to get accessed. 2.Biometric Based ACS: The basic principle is, placing the finger on the biometric reader or facing the eyes infront of the reader to get accessed.

Electro Magnetic Lock is used to lock the doors in access control system. Normally the access controlled doors are remain closed by this EM lock and it is unlocked when an entry or exit is accepted by the reader.

Keypad readers are also available in Access control systems and it is accessed by the secret numbers or letters assigned to authorised persons.
The readers with the combined features of proximity card,biometric and keypad also available for more security.The readers are also used for Time and Attendance Recorder Purpose.